11 mistakes not to make during a job interview

11 mistakes not to make during a job interview

Has your profile been selected and are you about to go through to the job interview? You have learned about the questions asked in the interview and the questions you will have to ask during this test , but you must not forget that there are mistakes not to make during a job interview.

In this article, we have selected a few that may unnecessarily exclude you from the hiring process. Here are some attitudes and mistakes to avoid during your interview

1. Say you have no questions to the recruiter

Very often, interviews end with the question: “Do you have any questions before concluding this interview?” At this precise moment, the recruiter wants to test your curiosity and your interest in the position, in the tasks that you will have to perform and in the objectives that are expected of you if you are hired.

Answer: no thank you, everything is clear, this is the worst possible answer in this case. Why? Because you send back an image of a person who lacks motivation, curiosity and vision of his missions at work.

Say instead that you have questions about the makeup of work teams, the business environment, your team’s goals, and how internal efforts are recognized.

Thus, you send back the image of a curious, ambitious candidate who already sees himself in a position within the company. This is what is expected of you during your job interview.

2. Arriving late for the interview

You’ve probably been told in other articles that being late is the worst thing that can happen at the start of the interview. Unless you have real extenuating circumstances, it is impossible to justify your delay to the recruiter. Know more about oglasi za posao.

So make arrangements to be there before time, to find parking if necessary, or to plan the time needed for public transport.

If despite all your precautions, the delay is unavoidable, you must be transparent and honest and notify the recruiter as soon as you know that you will be late. If the delay is of the order of a few minutes, it may be justified and you will still have the chance to defend yourself. In case of extreme delay, you must forfeit and postpone or cancel the interview. Be aware that being late can make you lose all credibility in the eyes of recruiters.

3. Not knowing the company you’re in

Don’t forget to take the time to learn about the company that invites you for an interview. Remember that it is important to be well-documented on the activities, missions and other technical aspects of the business sector of the company.

It can be difficult to remember everything in the context of an active job search, but documenting yourself on the company before meeting one of its ambassadors will give you an image of a professional capable of adapting to different sectors and multiple situations.

4. Talking too long and cutting off

Depending on your temperament, if you are the type of person who wants to manage or a person who delegates to others, you must find a good balance during the duration of your interview.

Be aware that recruiters prepare an interview plan. As a result, they have a grid of questions and a very precise idea of ??how your meeting should go. Do not try to take control of it.

Cutting off or launching into a long monologue will not show your confidence. On the contrary, it will be seen as a lack of listening and consideration towards the people who invite you for an interview.

Remember that time is important, whether for you or for the recruiter. For this reason, also avoid giving evasive answers, don’t be afraid to say I don’t know if you don’t have an answer to a question.

5. Being too assertive

Having insurance is good. Having humility is better. Our society is often based on the principle of self-confidence and this is a good thing. Lack of confidence is not a fault, it can be a strength.

Don’t confuse self-confidence with arrogance during your interview. You don’t know everything and that’s normal. Find a balance between know-how and humility. You are asked to show your best, to prove your skills and your achievements in an interview, but know that being open-minded and able to question yourself proves to the recruiter that you are the right person for the interview. the company.

6. Talk only about the benefits of the job

For certain sectors of activity, the context has never been so favorable for “shopping for jobs”. In sectors such as information and communication technologies, the lack of manpower continues to be felt . This drives companies to be resourceful in attracting and retaining the best talent.

On the other hand, the fact that you are in a position of strength as a candidate does not in any way justify the fact of being interested only in aspects related to salary, working conditions, corporate benefits, etc. Don’t forget that you are also there to train yourself, to accomplish yourself professionally and to learn new things.

Recruiters will be able to bring up topics related to benefits, compensation and working conditions in a timely manner. In the case of negotiations, there are subtle methods of dealing with the subject.

7. Not taking notes

For your interviews, take a copy of your resume and cover letter with you. Also put a notebook in your bag.

Taking notes during an interview is not only good for the recruiter, but also useful for you. Thus, you will remember the important points for you as for the mission of your company, the attributions of your position, the working conditions offered by the company and other important points.

Not taking notes will send a negative signal to recruiters. This will be perceived as a lack of interest in the job and in the company.

8. Criticize your old work team

Whatever the reason that pushes you to leave your job, the recruiter does not have to know everything about the circumstances and working conditions at your current employer. Thus, let it be known that you want a professional evolution, a change of vision, a discovery of a new sector of activity if necessary.

Even if you are not professionally fulfilled in your current position, it must remain confidential. Be aware that if you spend your time criticizing your former employer, it will send the wrong signal to the recruiter.

If you have to answer the question: “what made you apply to us?” you can share the differences between your values ??and those of the company, without dwelling on them.

9. Lacking preparation

In the heat of the moment, one can easily get lost. Recruiters have a knack for detecting a lack of preparation, even if you find it easy to express yourself and develop ideas.

Even if this is not your first interview or your first professional experience, take the time to prepare well for your interview. Focus on the parts related to your background and professional achievements.

Prepare a brief outline of your presentation to avoid getting lost in details that will be less interesting than your background.

10. Not dressing well

A classic! But the reminder is necessary. With telecommuting and hybrid working, many of us have lost the habit of dressing for work.

In an interview, it is important to make the effort to dress well according to company codes. Depending on your sector of activity, you will be able to adapt your clothing to look professional and sure of yourself. Choose clothes in which you feel comfortable.

11. Not choosing a good location for a remote interview

More and more companies are offering remote or hybrid workstations. If this is the case for you and you need to go through the remote interview stage , know that there are ways to prepare for it.

Avoid being in a noisy place with a bad internet connection. Take the time to prepare your interview environment. Ideally, stay in front of a neutral background, well positioned in front of your camera and make sure you have good sound quality. Technical problems at the start of the interview could destabilize you and affect the rest of your interview.

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