ATP-CTP Program

The Aircraft Transport Pilot Certificate Preparing System (ATP CTP) satisfies the prerequisites of FAR 61.156. It incorporates both ground preparing and flight preparing portions. Upon effective fruition of the ATP CTP, and when any remaining necessities have been met, the applicant will be qualified to take the FAA ATP composed test

The ground preparing portion overcomes any barrier between the information on the business pilot and that as would be considered normal of an ATP declaration holder, explicitly in the space of optimal design, robotization, unfavorable weather patterns, turbine motors, and transport plane execution as per Warning Roundabout 61-138. The pilot will get comfortable with perceiving, staying away from, and recuperating from blunders which can happen while working turbine-fueled transport class planes in a mind boggling and dynamic climate

Atp Ctp Course

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The ATP-CTP Course (Carrier Transport Pilot Confirmation Preparing Project) is a fundamental stage prior to taking the Aircraft Transport Pilot Information Test (ATP Composed). Flight Preparing Worldwide will set you up to accomplish the FAA’s most noteworthy authentication with one of the first class ATP-CTP courses in the U.S! How could you go elsewhere when FTI can prepare you in the test system of the airplane you need to fly with the majors?

Match the ATP-CTP Course with the ATP in similar airplane and take out the two courses in under about fourteen days! Complete your ATP Preparing in one outing and save time

The course incorporates 30 hours of homeroom preparing followed by 10 hours of FSTD preparing.

Points canvassed in the ATP-CTP course include: streamlined features, computerization, unfavorable atmospheric conditions, air transporter activities, transport plane execution, impressive skill and authority improvement, runway attack aversion, slow down anticipation and recuperation, high elevation tasks and crosswind departures and arrivals in unfriendly climate.

COURSE Outline

The L3Harris Carrier Transport Pilot Accreditation Preparing Project (ATP CTP) is the beginning stage for getting your FAA aircraft transport permit. The ATP CTP course happy remembers preparing for route, robotization, runway security, high elevation activities, low energy states and upset avoidance recuperation preparing (UPRT).

1: ATP information test courses of action and test readiness help are accessible upon demand

2: Up-and-comers can decide to step through the exam at a helpful area anyplace in USA (after course fulfillment)

3: ATP CTP endorsement doesn’t have a termination date

4: ATP information test results are legitimate for quite some time from the date the test was taken

Lodging proposals are accessible upon demand. Most accomplice lodgings incorporate free transportation to and from the air terminal and principal preparing building

Least Necessities to Finish ATP-CTP Course

The ATP-CTP course is a required pre-imperative to take the ATP composed test. This necessity just applies to multi-motor pilots. The ATP-CTP course isn’t needed if getting the ATP Single Motor Testament.

Least enlistment necessities:

FAA Business pilot permit

Or on the other hand ICAO same (CPL)

The course incorporates:

30 hours of ground school and

4 hours of Flight Preparing Gadget

6 hours of Full Pilot test program (Level D)

We are utilizing the most current and high level test system A320-200 CAE XR7000, situated at Stronghold Lauderdale Global air terminal

The ATP-CTP course is expected by competitors with a business pilot permit to redesign up to Carrier Pilot Permit. Upon effective finishing of the class, the up-and-comer will get a testament substantial until the end of time. The outcomes or Composed Test will be substantial for 5 years (60 months) when he can take the ATP check ride in plane (light twin) or test system (with type rating).

In the event that you don’t have CPL permit yet, yet you wish to be an Aircraft Pilot

Pilot Atp

On the off chance that you’re wanting to fly for a profession, certain pilot preparing and certificate are required. A business pilot declaration is expected to start bringing in cash as a pilot, while a carrier transport pilot testament is expected to turn into an aircraft pilot or a contract chief.

A couple of years prior the FAA changed the guidelines expected to get a multiengine ATP declaration. Like other pilot declarations, a composed and reasonable test are required, however certain extra advances are currently involved.

To be qualified for an ATP endorsement you should:

Be of good upright person

Be 23 years of age

Hold a business pilot endorsement and an instrument rating

Pass the ATP composed and viable tests, and Meet the base flight hour necessities determined in FAR Section 61.

Atp Certification

Pilots applying for an ATP declaration with a multi-motor class rating or mutually with a kind rating after July 31, 2014 must sufficiently finish a carrier transport pilot confirmation preparing program (ATP CTP) prior to applying for the ATP information test. The ATP CTP course is an enlightening project including 30 hours of ground guidance covering a horde of topics including optimal design, climate, air transporter tasks, and 10 hours of test system time. For some pilots, this is their most memorable prologue to genuine carrier endlessly preparing in the aircraft situated full-movement test systems. Following the ATP CTP course, applicants should breeze through the ATP information assessment.

While the prerequisites to get a Carrier Transport Pilot authentication might appear to be overwhelming, the preparation and consummation of the necessities is acquired over a drawn out timeframe. The time period to finish all prerequisites from a spic and span understudy pilot with no insight to the end of the ATP pilot testament could be just two years for a spurred pilot. Pilots chasing after top-level flying position ought to stay zeroed in on the singular objectives that in the long run come full circle in the ATP endorsement, making way until the end of their vocations.

What Are The Qualification Necessities For An ATP Certificate?

Be 23 years old (or for a U.S. military pilot might apply for a carrier transport pilot declaration 20 years of age)

Peruse, talk, compose and grasp the English language

Should hold by the same token;

A business pilot testament with an instrument rating,

Or on the other hand, meet the tactical experience necessities to fit the bill for a business pilot declaration, and an instrument rating,

Or on the other hand, an unfamiliar carrier transport pilot permit with instrument honors

Clinical Prerequisites:

Hold a first class clinical testament to go about as pilot-in-order

Hold a 2 ND class clinical declaration to go about as second-in-order

Have logged 1500 hours of flight time

Agreeably complete a carrier transport pilot affirmation preparing program (ATP CTP)

Finish the ATP information assessment

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