Baldur Gate 3 introduces new fight gameplay with Salami

Baldur Gate 3 introduces new fight gameplay with Salami

Yes, we know what you are wondering and we don’t. We have not been wrong with medication again. Larian Studios has announced the first details of Update 6 of Baldur Gate 3, the action role-playing game that we can enjoy on PC since last year. Among the content that the studio will offer with this patch, qualified as “the greatest” to date, a new class will be added … and the, why not say it, audacity to use salami as a weapon. The team is working hard to add significant changes to the game’s first act, noting that the title will hopefully arrive sometime is 2022

Baldur’s Gate 3 prepares the arrival of its Update 6

As echoed by RockPaperShotGunBaldur’s Gate 3 Update 6 is once again featured as the largest patch added to the title to date. Among its novelties, we discovered the addition of a new class – unknown at the moment – and the use of salami as a weapon – something that, apparently, is serious and is an easter egg from a live broadcast from the beginning of the year that conducted the study -. 

“Who is ready to do magic?” they ask from Larian Studios in the announcement of their notes for this patch. While they haven’t revealed what class will be added to the game, we can hope that … well, it’s related to magic in some way. In turn, they add the following: “We also have something special in patch 6 for those who saw Twitch Plays: The Noblest Sacrifice. If you like the sound of meat hitting meat (stop laughing), then you will love it. the latest addition to your arsenal: the equippableSalami. Yes, they can be double-wielded. “

The equitable Salami, one of the new weapons in Baldur’s Gate 3

At the moment, you can read so far so as not to make more spoilers. “There is much more in patch 6, and we will explore it very soon,” say the developers. It looks like Larian is planning a new Panel from Hell broadcast to dig into the details. In turn, given that the studio will be present at the EGX in London this weekend, it is also possible that they will offer some other details at this event.

On the other hand, the patch size is aiming to be around 60GB, so … indeed, there seems to be a lot more to show for it besides this new class and a deadly salami. In this sense, Larian also takes the opportunity to remember the following: “We want to remind you that any savings made with patch 5 or earlier will no longer be compatible when it is updated, ” they point out. This is something that has happened before: saved games are not compatible with new versions of the game.

“The long-awaited third installment of the saga that allows us to once again enjoy a whole game for lovers of role-playing and Dungeons & Dragons, ” we wrote in our impressions of the title. To know all the details, we also invite you to take a look at our guide

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