Comparison: in search of the best mopping robot know more

Comparison: in search of the best mopping robot know more

After comparing twenty models, we have found the best mopping robot for less than €200. Do not miss this comparison.

Having a good robot vacuum cleaner is cool, but having a mopping robot vacuum cleaner is twice as cool. And it is that we have analyzed in depth more than twenty models of different brands, from the most expensive to the cheapest. We would like to tell you that it has been a frantic battle of robots in a fight to the death to clean the corridor, but the reality is that we have analyzed: power, connectivity, battery, brand, vacuuming and mopping modes, artificial intelligence, ease of use, availability and above all the price. And having said all this, without further delay we present our winner and the rest of the finalists as an alternative. Know more about hanayama puzzle.

The best mopping robot is the Cecotec Conga 1790

It may surprise many, but the truth is that we are not. Years ago Cecotec entered the robot vacuum cleaner market with the Conga brand, giving a good sweep (this time with a sink included) to other much more famous brands such as iRobot and its Roomba. And it is that, this Spanish company has managed to give us the quality and results of the best brands at a much more affordable price. You might be interested in hanayama puzzle solution.

But so that you can see that we are impartial, we wanted to give you the rest of the finalists, so that you can compare and know why the Conga is indisputably proclaimed as our favorite. Of course, if you don’t like either of these two models (it would be crazy), we have three more and also, at the end of the article, we give you some tips to know how to identify a good mopping vacuum cleaner. Learn more about hanayama padlock puzzle solution.

Cecotec Conga 1790 Left Home M501A 360 C50 Cecotec Conga 5490
Price €150 €200 €160 €380
Size 32.5×7.5cm 32x8cm 31.5 x 7.9cm 34×9.5cm
cleaning modes 8 (Auto, Random, Edges, Heavy Scrub, Room, Spiral, Manual, and Return Home) 6 (Auto, Edges, Room, Intensive, Manual and Return Home) 4 (Spot cleaning, deep cleaning, scheduled cleaning, side edges cleaning) 10 (Auto, Spiral, Spot, Smart Area, Restricted Area, Manual, DeepCleaning, Scrubbing, Edges, and Return Home)
suction power 2,100AP 2,000 AP 2,600AP 10,000 AP
scrub Yes Yes Yes Yes
apps Yes Yes Yes Yes
Compatible with voice assistants Yes Yes Nope Yes
Autonomy 160 minutes 120 minutes 90 minutes 240 minutes
recharge 3-4 hours 5 hours 3-4 hours
Virtual Map Yes Yes Nope Yes
Noise level Less than 64dB Less than 50dB Less than 65dB Less than 64dB
single deposit 500ml Solids 600ml solids 510ml solids or 300ml liquids 570ml Solids
mixed deposit 300 ml of liquids and 200 ml of solids 300 ml of liquids and 600 ml of solids Nope 270 ml of liquids and 335 ml of solids
bring refills Yes Yes Yes Yes

Cecotec Conga 1790

We can feel proud and proud because the best robot vacuum cleaner is Spanish, more specifically the Cecotec Conga 1790. And it is that it no longer makes the Roomba dance to the beat and spend several hundred euros on a decent robot vacuum cleaner and floor cleaner, since for half or even less we have very good alternatives.

Such a case is that of the Cecotec Conga 1790, the best mopping vacuum cleaner in quality, price, technology and availability, which we can find on offer for a price of €160 depending on the model (Vital, Titanium and Ultra). If you don’t want to believe us (it would be ugly) you can look at the ratings of this model on Amazon. But to finish convincing ourselves, we are going to analyze it in depth.

As we had already anticipated, there are three models (Vital, Titanium and Ultra) although the difference between them is not too notable, so for this analysis we will stick with the Titanium version, which is the intermediate one. That said, we start with the review of the Cecotec Conga 1790.

We begin by highlighting that it is a 4-in-1 mopping robot vacuum cleaner, since it sweeps, vacuums, mops and scrubs (even at the same time, something that not all robots have for this price) in an intelligent way thanks to its mapping systems for do it as quickly and efficiently as possible. So we won’t have to worry about it colliding with furniture or falling down the stairs.

To clean, you can select from one of its 8 cleaning modes: Auto, Random, Edges, Intensive scrubbing, Room, Spiral, Manual and Back home (although the one we use the most on a day-to-day basis will be automatic, room and intensive scrubbing). ).

To control it we will only have to use the phone thanks to its App (with map, cleaning modes, programming, suction and scrubbing power level and cleaning history) or even that since we will be able to connect the virtual control assistants by voice (Alexa and Google Assistant) to ask him to clean or send him back to his base among other functions.

But the part that really interests us is the vacuuming and scrubbing. As for the first, the robot vacuum cleaner has a central rotating brush with considerable power for its price, about 2100 PA with even a mode to vacuum carpets , being able to collect up to 500 ml of dry residue (that’s a lot of dust). As for its mopping robot power, Cecotec bets on the Wash4You system with which we only have to worry about putting the deposit, so that the robot can mop and scrub as it sees fit. And it is that the Cecotec Conga 1790 has an intelligent scrubbing system that distributes the necessary water flow according to the dirt.

And it is that, altogether, what makes this the best mopping robot vacuum cleaner, apart from its price, is that we can choose between one of its 3 cleaning powers: Eco (very silent cleaning for a long period) Normal (daily cleaning ) and Turbo (deep cleaning).

If you like everything you’ve seen, you should know that Cecotec has superior and powerful models of robot vacuum cleaners and mops, but at a higher price that, although they deserve it, make them stay out of the objective of this top. We are talking about models such as the Conga 3490 that we faced with the Xiaomi Vacuum where it emerged victorious, or even the Conga 5490 (which we analyze later) even though its price is double that of the one we analyze here.

And now that you know which is the best floor mopping robot, do you want to see the rest? We recommend that you do so, since taking into account specific offers on some Cash Converters robot vacuum cleaner, you could get many surprises at a better price.

Left Home M501A

The second of the best robot vacuum cleaners and mops on our podium is Lefant. What? The truth is that it did not sound familiar to us either until we investigated, analyzed its characteristics, functionalities and the multiple opinions of the users who had it at home. And it is that, also for its price, it makes it a most appetizing robot vacuum cleaner and mop. Segment to which the brand aspires that, not only with the Lefant Home M501A model, tries to position itself as a low-cost but quality alternative that, without specific offers, is very well priced.

Starting with its 2000 PA suction power (the standard for the mid-range), this robot vacuum cleaner is able to easily access all corners of the kitchen, bedroom or living room without fear of colliding both from the sides and from above. . Being able to easily sweep hair, dirt, dust on floors, carpets and rugs.

This vacuuming capacity is complemented by 5 intelligent cleaning and navigation modes: automatic, programmable, light cleaning, normal and maximum, and you can even choose the different room routes. In addition, we don’t have to worry about noise either, since it works at a minimum of 50 dB and if we want, we can control it from the application or with our voice thanks to its compatibility with voice assistants such as Alexa or Google. In addition, a curious fact is that for a brand that is not so well known, its application does not disappoint, since it offers us the ability to establish specific times to clean from Monday to Sunday, adjusting the scrubbing speed and the potential level of suction (low, medium or high).

Finally, one of the details to take into account about this robot vacuum cleaner and mop is that it comes with a washable HEPA filter that easily filters all the dust and substances that can cause allergies or infections. This not only makes our home a much healthier place, but it is also ideal if we have pets at home, since we will achieve a more thorough cleaning and disinfection.

And it is that the Lefant Home M501A does not lose in performance and technical characteristics compared to the rest of the competitors in the same range. Not surprisingly, its products are highly valued by users with averages between 4 and 5 stars with thousands of reviews on portals such as Amazon. Does it convince you despite being in second place? Keep in mind that, to get to him, he had to beat many other robots, so it’s worth giving him a try.

360 C50

Next on the list is another one of those brands that don’t ring a bell until someone buys it and raves about it. This is the case of 360 with its C50 model, a mopping robot vacuum cleaner that, without having the latest technology, compensates for its position on this list with good power and a very reasonable price (€160) .

We can say that the C50 does not do many things that the rest of the mopping robots, but we must admit that what it does, it does well. As is the case with its suction power of up to 2600 PA (exceeding the traditional 2000 PA) that offers powerful cleaning on all types of floors when compared to similar conventional equipment. This power spans up to 4 levels: quiet, standard, powerful and maximum to clean everything from hardwood, to tile, stone or low-pile carpet .

But it’s not just about vacuuming, if the 360 ??C50 didn’t scrub it wouldn’t be on this list, because if we remove the dust container and put the smart water tank on it, the robot will start scrubbing by adjusting the water flow with up to 3 levels adapting to each surface. But there is something wrong with this, and that is that it cannot vacuum and mop at the same time, which, as we already told you, is one of the peculiarities of this robot vacuum cleaner and mop.

For the rest, we can program up to four cleaning modes ( Spot cleaning, deep, scheduled, lateral edges ) with its application for the phone, with access to being able to configure daily and weekly cleaning routines. Of course, here we will not have advanced guidance systems (it will not fall down the stairs) or the ability to create virtual maps of the house, the C50 is really a somewhat simpler mopping robot vacuum cleaner than the rest.

Cecotec Conga 5490

From the beginning we had already told you about one of Cecotec’s older brothers in the low-end range, and the Conga 5490 model is the closest thing to the high-end robot vacuum cleaners and floor cleaners without going over the price, for €380 .

Because if the previous Conga was the winner for its value for money, the Conga 5490 is by far the best mid-high-end mopping robot vacuum cleaner. Not suitable for all pockets, but it is suitable for larger houses, with more people or animals and in general, with much more demanding conditions. And it is that its suction power of 10,000 PA is five times greater than the rest, which together with its professional laser mapping capacity presents us with a robot that vacuums, sweeps, mops and scrubs simultaneously thanks to its mixed tank for solids and liquids. And believe us if it aspires….

In addition, where other robots simply make a map of your house, with the Conga 5490 you can manage up to 50 cleaning plans, choosing the rooms of your house that you want to clean or even delimiting prohibited areas within the rooms themselves at the touch of your finger. You can practically create highly customizable cleaning routines for your entire home.

Another detail, increasingly present in low-end robots, is the ability to connect the robot vacuum cleaner and mop to the voice-controlled virtual assistants Alexa and Google Assistant to perform various slightly more basic actions.

But let’s talk about the important thing, the scrubbing system, and since the Conga 5490 is a high-end mopping robot, you can imagine where the shots are going. The robot has a Scrubbing mode, it intelligently scrubs and mops for you thanks to its back and forth movement. And to do this, the robot scans and maps your home to carry out a 360º survey, in such a way that it plans the fastest, most efficient, orderly and intelligent route for cleaning each room.

You have animals at home? This robot vacuum cleaner and mop will be your best ally and it is because it is specifically designed for it. Its BestFriend Care system integrates two interchangeable brushes to prevent pet hair from getting tangled, a rubber brush to remove animal hair from carpets and a dual-material brush for all types of surfaces and dirt.

What should you look at before choosing your mopping robot vacuum cleaner?

We hope that if you are reading this it is out of pure consideration for our editor, since as we have told you, the best robot vacuum cleaner and mop is higher up. But if you still want to know some tips and tricks (the same ones we use) to identify good robots, he reads below:

  • See if it vacuums and scrubs or does it at the same time: there are robots that what they do is vacuum everything in a first pass and then scrub in a second pass. Not that this is worse, but it is better to do it at the same time and often. This ensures that, first, the robot spends less time going around and making noise, and second, it can clean more of the house’s surface in less time.
  • Pay attention to the mopping modes: some mopping robots simply pass a slightly damp mop, while the best ones have cleaning modes in which they move the mop, apply more or less water or even move it in the process and spend several times. times in the same place.
  • Carefully analyze the type and number of brushes: no matter how much you vacuum, robots also have different brushes to attract dirt to their collector. The more brushes, the larger and more elaborate they look, the better result the robot will give us when cleaning.
  • That it has good suction power: the minimum power of the vacuum cleaner (PA) that we recommend is 2000, since below that it will have a hard time attracting not only dust or hair, but also the most embedded dirt. This has a direct impact on scrubbing and believe us when we tell you that scrubbing something dirty and dusty is dirty.
  • Don’t make too much noise: having a robot with great suction power is fine until you discover the sensation of having a storm at home for more than an hour. Check that the average decibel does not exceed 70 points, or you and your neighbors will have to talk.
  • The size of the robot is also important: not so much the diameter but the height of the robot vacuum cleaner. If we have low furniture or narrow corners, the robot may not be able to reach them well and we will have to resort to the manual broom (and we do not want that).
  • Autonomy and battery: if we live in a very large house, it may happen that not even the best floor mopping robot reaches from one end to the other in the same cleaning round. That is why it is important to look at robots that have a good battery capacity, autonomy and charging speed, so that they can clean the entire house while we are not there.
  • Intelligent systems: surely this is the most important detail to take into account, and we are not only talking about the artificial intelligence of the cleaning robot, but about the rest of the aspects such as the navigation system, the programmable functionalities, connectivity with voice assistants, a wearable app and home mapping among others.

And these are our tips for finding the best mopping robot vacuum. If you think that for its price the Cecotec Conga 1790 is not the best alternative, or that the rest of the posts are undeserved, you have the whole comment box to expand. Also, if you know other robot vacuum cleaners and mops that are worthwhile and at a good price, perhaps (and only remotely perhaps) we could consider taking the first place from Cecotec. Of course, it will have to be a very good robot to be able to beat it. We leave you the challenge.

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