Prices of all Traffic rates in 2022

Prices of all Traffic rates in 2022

We tell you about the traffic fees that must be paid at the DGT when carrying out any procedure: register, transfer, renew the driving license or request duplicates.

The fees of the General Directorate of Traffic (DGT) to renew the driving license, request duplicates, transfer vehicles and other procedures with the DGT are the same for the entire Spanish territory and are updated every year , together with the General State Budgets. We tell you what the updated prices are for the year 2022. Know more about dodge ne shitje.

circulation permits

  • Issuance of circulation permits (registration of vehicles except mopeds): 99.77 euros .
  • Issuance of moped circulation licenses and changes of ownership of these: 27.85 euros .
  • Processing of the request for complementary circulation authorizations and their modifications provided for in article 14 of the General Vehicle Regulations (including any modification of the initial authorization in the fee): 132.72 euros .
  • Temporary permits and authorizations for transfers and vehicle tests and special authorizations due to the vehicle or use of the road: 20.61 euros .
  • Changes of ownership of circulation permits: 55.70 euros.
  • Change of ownership of the circulation permit due to merger, spin-off or non-monetary contribution of branches of activity of entities of its holders: 9.89 euros.
  • Duplicates of circulation permits: 20.81 euros.

Permits, licenses and other driving authorizations

  • Obtaining a driving license of any kind, after taking tests or by exchanging it for practical driving tests: 94.05 euros . If you are thinking of getting your driver’s license, remember that you must have compulsory insurance for your vehicle.
  • Obtaining driving licences: 44.58 euros .
  • Obtaining driving permits or licenses for having lost points or by exchange, when practical tests are not required for this: 28.87 euros .
  • Obtaining and extending authorizations to drive vehicles transporting dangerous goods: 28.87 euros .
  • Extension of validity of driving permits and licenses: 24.58 euros . If the psychophysical aptitudes require requesting the extension more frequently than normal, you are entitled to a bonus based on the time for which it is granted: 80 percent up to 1 year, 60 percent up to 2 years, 40 percent up to 3 years and 20 percent up to 4 years.
  • Duplicates of permits and driver’s licenses: 20.81 euros .
  • Duplicates and extensions of the validity of authorizations to drive dangerous goods vehicles: 10.51 euros .
  • Issuance of international driving license: 10.51 euros .

Driver training and recognition centers

  • Authorization for the opening and operation or registration of private driver schools, other training centers or driver recognition centers: 441.91 euros .
  • Modification of the operating authorization due to alteration of personal or material elements of private driving schools, other training centers or driver recognition centers (with or without inspection): 44.58 euros .
  • Duplicates and issuance of aptitude certificates for directors and teachers of private driving schools and other qualifications whose issuance is attributed to the General Directorate of Traffic: 99.97 euros .
  • Die-cutting of plates or stamping of registration books: 8.67 euros .
  • Driving school and medical center inspection carried out by virtue of the regulatory precept (maximum of two per year): 79.98 euros .
  • Authorizations to exercise as a driver training teacher: 10.51 euros .
  • Approvals of training courses for trainers and drivers of dangerous goods vehicles: 10.51 euros .

Other fees

  • Annotations of any kind in the files, provision of data, certifications, comparisons, authentic copies when the issuance of a duplicate is not appropriate, breakdown of documents and stamping of plates or books: 8.67 euros.
  • Annotation of the result of the technical vehicle inspection ( ITV ) in the vehicle register of the Central Traffic Headquarters (when said inspection is mandatory): 4.18 euros.
  • Provision of escort services, control and regulation of the circulation of vehicles that exceed the maximum authorized masses and dimensions or travel at speeds below the minimum, carried out by the Civil Guard Traffic Group Agents: 33.66 euros (per hour and agent assigned to provide the service).
  • Examination fees for road training teachers and directors of driving schools: 46.69 euros .

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