Renault Megane Know More About Features and More

Renault Megane Know More About Features and More

Automagazin had the opportunity to test the long-awaited new generation of Megane hatchback models for the first time. The new Megane is lighter, more economical, has richer equipment and offers more space for passengers. An interesting price is also expected, and it is interesting that the fourth generation of this popular car comes only in the form of a five-door hatchback .

The fourth generation of the Renault Megane was officially presented to the world at last year’s Frankfurt Motor Show. Despite that, the new compact has hidden many secrets so far. Automagazin had the opportunity to personally see the technique and quality of the new middle-class model from France. Interesting topic to know more about polovni traktori.

LED “dark circles”

In terms of design, the new Megane is completely new. The identity of the front part of the car is well “printed” by LED daytime running lights in the shape of a boomerang, which irresistibly resembles dark circles. But not the dark circles you thought of, but the dark circles of the striking George Clooney after an exciting night. The same solution was seen on the Talisman, but evil tongues say that it was a forced move with the Talisman, because otherwise it would “look” like a Passat. Megane would be really original and recognizable, even if his “LED under-eyes” were covered. Of course, this way it looks even more attractive and recognizable.

If the front LED lights resemble an attractive seducer, the rear one is definitely of the Jennifer Lopez type – taut and raised. The biggest impression is left by the LED light groups, which penetrate deep into the sides of the car and extend over the tailgate all the way to the large emblem, in which the reversing camera is skillfully integrated. Interestingly, the camera did not get dirty after driving in rainy conditions. Thanks to the massive rear hips and the sloping lower edge of the small rear window in the rear door, the car looks muscular and attractive.

Significantly better driving comfort and better quality materials

From the position of driver and co-driver, it is noticeable that the Megane sits quite low. That is why there is a height adjustment of the seat and everyone can, according to their own needs, choose the desired position. There is space for the knees in all directions, as well as the offer of space for the head, which is top notch. The front of the interior is reminiscent of the one we saw in the Espace and Talisman models. Everything looks modern and pleasant to the touch. While driving, we noticed that Renault has done a lot in terms of insulation. Driving on the highway, even at high speeds, the feeling in the car is pleasant and “tucked away”. As expected, the multimedia support is excellent.

In addition to improved materials and better insulation, the biggest change in driving is felt in the support and the overall construction. The car is significantly stronger than its predecessor and gives the impression of superior compactness, which can be compared to that of the Golf. The support is soft, it “filters” all the unevenness, but at the same time it provides the pleasure of driving through curves. It seems that French engineers combined slightly softer shock absorbers and harder springs.

The new Megane is available with three petrol and four diesel engines. All engines are equipped with a turbo system, and a little later, a 1.6-liter atmospheric petrol engine will arrive on the market. The most powerful petrol engines and top-of-the-line turbodiesel are intended for the Megane GT, which will represent a kind of middle ground between ordinary versions of this model and hot-hatch models from the Renaultsport division.

For more conventional versions, three base engines are reserved: 1.2 TCe and turbodiesels 1.5 dCi and 1.6 dCi. The petrol engine can be available in power levels of 74 and 97 kW, and the 1.5-liter diesel can have 81 kW and 96 kW. The 1.6 dCi engine develops a maximum power of 96 kW. All of these engines can be paired with a six-speed manual transmission or at an additional cost with an EDC transmission. In addition to the classic model, a sporty version of the GT was shown, powered by a 1.6 TCe turbo petrol engine with a maximum power of 200 hp.

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