The One-Sentence Approach to Story Crafting

The One-Sentence Approach to Story Crafting

Therefore, some issues may be out of order based on my current mood. If you are not satisfied, I will be happy to refund your money. Anyway, it makes sense to me that the next topic of discussion would be creating a story. I’m going to combine some basic story building tips with my own OneSentence approach to story writing. You may tell yourself that I am not a writer. This article can’t help me.I use stories written by others if you are, please flatter me and at least read the rest of the article, even if you don’t consider yourself a writer, if you are a storyteller who picks up a story and tells it after, darling, I have news for you, you rewrite it whether you like it or not.Whether you are good at it or not, getting it on paper or not, that’s what you do, you take the story and make it your own by adding your own taste, and the taste has words in it. Memorize stories and repeat them word for word and you are truly an actress.And you could probably still benefit from some basic tips. My head starts to ache with all this persuasion on paper. So I will go on.

I’ve seen a lot of storytellers, comedians, and public speakers in my day, and I’ve noticed that many have one thing in common: They use too many words. If you remember anything from this article, remember: it’s about saying more with less.As soon as you can, think about how to tell the story. And I don’t mean fast, as if it were about speed, I mean fast, as if it was limited to only focusing on the necessary details. Hindi Kahani like stories in hindi is most popular trend on Youtube.

You see, a lot of us got our stories wrong. We believe that more words make a better story. NOT CORRECT. Trust me when I tell you that the more words you add to your story, the greater the chances of losing your audience.A point is best formulated in two sentences rather than two paragraphs. A poignant moment is better when kept short and sweet than four pages of “How sad I am”. A joke is much more fun if you tell it in thirty seconds than if you tell it in 20 minutes. If you’ve been to a cocktail party before, you can certainly attest to that.

When I was performing for the cruise lines, I told a story that lasted forty-five minutes, that was last April, so I don’t even take my own advice. what could you do to improve it.He told me to do short stories for 45 minutes instead of a long one. He said the average American’s attention span is short and getting shorter and shorter. You have to give them breaks. Like it or not. So I returned. and I spent the summer reworking my portfolio of stories so that each story I have is ten minutes or less.If I do a 45-minute show now, I have a lot, a lot of variety. I’ve noticed a huge improvement in my behavior.

That’s not to say that long stories are bad. That is not true. And thanks to the wonderful nature of storytelling fans, there will always be an audience to appreciate them. What I am saying is that a story should only contain what needs to be said.And you will often find that it took four pages to say what could have been said in four paragraphs.

A story-telling hero of mine (Bil Lepp) once said that when you tell a story, you give your listener a rucksack, and every detail you give them goes into your rucksack. Climb the hill with a backpack that is getting heavier and heavier. Don’t make them reach the top of the hill (end of story) and realize they carried that heavy backpack (all these details) for free. That still doesn’t make sense to you, think of movies you’ve seen where a character was introduced at the beginning and you kept hoping that they would show why that character was made into history.Either you look at a scene and wonder why it was placed there even though it has nothing to do with the story, or you hear a joke that contains about ten minutes of information unrelated to the joke, or you fell asleep listening to someone three pages to describe a meadow.
But shortening the story is not the solution, it is the beginning, it begins by eliminating those huge blocks of unnecessary information.But beyond just cutting it is

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